Pure Innovation

Pure Innovation
Strategic Design
Pure Innovation
  • Footwell Drain
  • Integrated Headrest
  • Pre-Programmed Digital Control
  • Blast™ LED Light*
  • Power Stream™ Jets
  • Foot Dome Therapy
  • Treaded Footwell
  • Versa-Flo™ Air Control
  • Versa-Flo™ Valve & Micro Valve
  • ProJet Stream™ Valve*
  • Power Massage Plus® (behind headrest)
  • Weir Activated Skimmer
  • Vortex Jet™ Circulation
  • Relax Stream™ Waterfall
  • Versa-Flo™ Jetting
  • Satellite Control Button*
  • Roto Stream® Sequencing System*
  • Power Massage® (behind headrest)
  • Roto Stream® Sequencing Therapy Seat*
  • ProJet Stream™ Jets*

*not avalable in all series of models.

Efficiency & Durability

Saratoga’s Rigidizing System adds 60 lbs of density to increase the strength and quality of the entire spa shell. This extra rigidity extends your Spa’s life and durability for years of enjoyment.


WeatherAll™ is designed not to splinter or decay. Because it is the same material throughout the product, it will look great for years to come.

Purity Circulation

The Purity Circulation™ Pump’s continuous operation creates less wear and tear on the pump’s motor. The larger shaft and impeller provides a stronger environment to operate while creating less heat.

Whisper Clean® System
Purity Circulation

Saratoga Spa® models use a dedicated circulation pump to provide continuous water circulation while maintaining cost-efficiency. This Continuous Purity Circulation™ System moves over 50,000 gallons of water per day.

Microban Filtration

Microban® is designed to inhibit odor, mold and mildew on the surface of the filter cartridge. The Whisper Clean® System operates continuously to circulate water through these Microban® cartridges; ensures your spa water has been properly filtered.

Whisper Zone Ozone

Environmentally friendly Ozone, a natural sanitizer, will help in providing a better soaking atmosphere in your spa water. Each Luxury Model Spa®is equipped with the Whisper Zone™ Ozone System.

Control Panel

The Operations Center contains all the pre-programmed spa functions, while the Horizontal Mount Heater thermostatically controls the warming of the spa in the most efficient way possible.

Our no programming design provides the ultimate in user friendly controls while maintaining the sophistication of the latest diagnostic technology.