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Unique Maintenance


Always clean, always warm, always waiting. It’s the home spa experience we all want. We’ve designed ease of use and ease of maintenance into every Saratoga Spa Model with our Whisper Clean® System. Saratoga’s revolutionary circulation system cleanses and warms spa water constantly, efficiently and practically soundlessly.


if circulating 50,000 gallons of water per day sounds like a lot?
you are right.
WhisperFlo Maintenance SystemWhisperflo Maintenance System PART ONE of the Whisper Clean® System;
the Luxury Spa Models use the Purity Circulation® Pump to provide continuous water circulation. This dedicated Purity
Circulation® System circulates over 50,000 gallons of water per day while maintaining superb cost-efficiency.

3 Steps we take care of for you

The Saratoga Spa Line has designed in 3 Automated Steps: CIRCULATION. FILTRATION. OZONE INJECTION.


if using Antimicrobial Cartridge Filters sounds smart?
You are correct.

Antimicrobial Filtration Antimicrobial Filtration

PART TWO of the Whisper Clean® System;
the Luxury Spa Models use filter cartridges designed with antimicrobial ability to inhibit odor, mold and mildew on the surface of the filter cartridge. The Whisper Clean® System continuously circulates water through these Antimicrobial filter cartridges ensuring a wonderful soaking experience.


if exposing water continuously to ozone sounds like an important part of maintaining your spa water?…
well, you are right again.


Continuous Whisper Clean SystemContinuous Whisper Clean System

PART THREE of the Whisper Clean® System;
the Luxury Spa Models use environmentally friendly Ozone, a natural sanitizer, which helps provide a relaxing atmosphere in your spa. Each Luxury Model Spa is equipped with the Whisper Zone™ Ozone System. Enjoy the ease of maintenance and a comfortable water experience.

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