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Saratoga Spas Energy Index

Energy Index

The operational cost of hot tubs will include many variables, more than any lab test can reveal. Saratoga Spas® understands the hot tub owner will use their hot tub 2 times per week in one period and 4 times per week during another period. Ambient temperatures will vary across the country, as will the duration of each use. Our Energy Index calculates an example of the amount of time your equipment operates, and for how long, in determining approximate cost of operation in our Luxury Spa Line.


The Saratoga Safeguard System™ ensures quality is our priority. Each spa is put through a rigorous series of tests and inspections before it ever leaves our factory.


The UL® listing from Underwriters Laboratories says something very important about Saratoga Spas®. It represents our strong commitment to safety. No other mark is more widely recognized, speaks With more authority or adds more value to a product. You canSafety Certified be confident about the quality and safety of UL® endorsed Saratoga Spas®.


Sit back and relax. Saratoga Spas® are backed by one of the industry’s strongest warranties and
Saratoga’s Factory Support Center.

  • All sizes are approximate. Saratoga Spa and Bath® Co., Inc. reserves the right to make changes in product characteristics,
    standard equipment supplied or available at any time without notice. Not all features are available on all models.
  • International 50 Hz models may vary in specification and features. Models with international specifications are only available through international distributors.
  • All spas must be wired in compliance with the model appropriate Saratoga Spa® Owner’s Manual and your local
    municipalities Electric Codes.
  • Power Massage® is a patented feature of Saratoga Spa and Bath® Co., Inc
    (4953240) (5086595) (5752300) (6351856) (6185757) (6182303) (D431303) (5067228) (5010699) (CFE#4860392) (6182303)
  • Whisper Clean® is a registered trademark of Saratoga Spa and Bath ® Co., Inc
  • Entertainment systems and other optional features are not offered with the UL® listing or standard warranty and are not
    available on all models. See your Saratoga Spa® dealer for details.

WARNING: The consumer product safety commission has stated that water temperature in a spa or hot tub should not exceed 104° F. Immersion in water in excess of 104°F could be hazardous to your health. Children, aged persons, persons having medical problems and pregnant women should consult their physicians before using a spa or hot tub. Spas or hot tubs should not be used by persons under the influence of alcohol or by persons taking medications that cause drowsiness.


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